My Revelation for today

I found myself this weekend, being very upset, uptight, irritated, finding fault with everything and everyone…..this baffled me, as I am not that type of a person….and the more I tried to deal with it, the more and stronger it seem to be coming….

A spiritual attack.

But like God does, he used it to my advantage.

On my way to work this morning, it struck me…..

I am seeking and I am not finding what I am seeking. Once you have tasted God, you want more and you cannot settle for anything less….

I need, I want, I have to see, feel, hear God in my life everyday!

Currently I not getting that at the church I am attending…so first thought will be RUN, right?

Well that was my first thought, but there is a small area where the Holy Ghost is actively busy stirring up, waking up and moving freely….

There is so many  “gates of Religion”, trying to “guide” the flow of Holy Spirit, and God is busy pulling out these gates, so that there will be no stopping the River of the Holy Spirit and it can freely rush through the church. God is busy working on the church, even if the fire seems small, why not be a fire-starter in the area where God is busy working, soon, very soon the fire will spread to the rest of the church..

But more even, this is also exactly the problem with people worldwide, everyone is seeking….. but not exactly sure what they are seeking or why they are seeking… and nothing, NOTHING, can fill them except tasting the water Jesus spoke about, that you will never thirst again!

All sin are equil, but is it?

I myself so easily state that all sin are equil, but is it?

Why does the Bible refer to some matters as sin and to some as an abomination?

And also, what is the meaning of the word Grace.

Let’s look at the meaning of these 3 words:

When it is discussed what is pleasing in the sight of God and what is not pleasing, the subject is generally centered on sin; what is sin and what is not sin. Very seldom, if ever, does the discussion get around to what is an abomination unto the Lord. Most believe these two words are interchangeable. But with a little word study we find there is much difference between the word sin and the word abomination.  And where and how does Grace come in?

  • “Grace” is the English translation of the Greek χάρις (charis) meaning “that which brings delight, joy, happiness, or good fortune
  • The Greek word for sin is HARMATRIA or HARMARTANO. The meaning is “to be without a share in; to miss the mark; to err, be mistaken; to miss or wander from the path of uprightness and honour, to do or go wrong; to wander from the law of God, and to violate God’s law”.When law is mentioned, Moses’ law automatically comes to mind. But, as we begin to more fully understand the term “God’s law”, we discover that it is referring to the whole Word of God, not just the first five books of the Bible. When we are walking in HARMATRIA (sin), we are on the wrong path and we are missing God’s intended purpose for our lives.
  • As we consider the word for abomination in the New Testament, it is the Greek word BDELUSSO or BDELUGMA and means “to abhor, a foul thing, a detestable thing, to stink, smell bad, odious, wickedness, and to turn one’s self away from on account of the stench“. In the Old Testament there is more than one word used for abomination. The main word used is TOWEBAH and means “a disgusting thing, a thing of wickedness”.  I want to make a conclusion, is it valid?
  • Also I want to add.
  • If sin, means diverting from God’s indendant path for me and therefore missing His plan for my life..surely, me calling myself a Christian (Christ like one) my intend must be to stay on God’s path for my life. Yes sure their will be diversions in the road, but if I want to and I ask Him to help me, surely He will guide me back onto His path for my Life. That’s Grace!
  • Then also I can conclude that if something is an abomination for God and it is so foul that He turns His face from it, should I as a Christian (Christ like one) not also turn away from it?”Grace” is the English translation of the Greek χάρις (charis) meaning “that which brings delight, joy, happiness, or good fortune.
  • Grace is not to keep on sinning and trying to get away with it.

So in conclusion.

It is God’s will for my life to reach His eternal destination in Heaven, but in reaching it, my life on earth plays a vital role.

I am walking on a straight and narrow road, abiding in relationship with my Father.

Yet there come times when I take detours…

Yet He is faithful and still have Mercy(wants me to prosper have good fortune), so if I choose to come back, He welcomes me back with arms wide open, every time. No matter what I did!

But I have to choose to turn from my wrong direction.

Same goes for abomination. If God says something is an abomination(it stinks so much God turns His face from it) then I too must turn my face from it. Not only my face but turn away from it, back to the road of Grace. I cannot continue in my abominations and except to be under God’s Grace….it’s 2 different roads!

The “K-word”

I would like to apologise and ask forgiveness for using the “K-word” to address people in the past… Although I have not been using the word for the past 10+ years and I also do not teach my children even that a word like that exists, there was a time when I too used it and I am sorry!

Pure ignorance, though I decided to refrain from using the K-word, I never new exactly what it meant. Now I know.

I came across a post and then googled the meaning myself, please see below:

“The word kaffir was used in South Africa to refer to a black person.

The word is derived from the Arabic term kafir (meaning ‘disbeliver‘), which originally had the meaning ‘one without religion’.[1]

I believe that their are great power in the words we utter. Especially in name calling.

For the same reason I believe a parent should never call his child stupid…

A person should also never use the “K-word” to address another. Especially if you say that you are a Christian.

Because in actual fact you are telling that person that you are without a religion, or more even you do not have a God! You are not loved or wanted? How can we curse another person in this way? And think it is ok?

The one thing all humans have in common is exactly this, we want to belong, feel accepted and loved.

Is that not maybe part the problem in our dear South Africa?

Is it not ironic, that it is exactly the people who are suppose to carry love and hope, (White Christians) that are the people most responsible for using the “K-word” in the past and even still in the present.

I believe in the Bible in Proverbs 18:21

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Let us choose to repent for using this word.

Let us choose to refrain from ever using it again.

Let us choose to Bless and not curse!

Christ to Me!

This will be a religious blog! Ok ok so if you are not into Christianity, I understand if you prefer to stop reading now……

However some of my thoughts might come to you as a shock or unexpected. I really strive to have religious debate without feeling offended or offending another.